TEL: 96078506 / 51333321 EA License: E-411124

黃劍橋 K. K. Wong
安記地產 E-411124
No: - Property for sale at Peng Chau 坪洲物業出售
坪洲 志仁里  Peng Chau - Chi Yan Lane   4.70M
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黃劍橋 K. K. Wong
96078506 / 51333321

實用面積 S.A.(sq.ft.):   731 Bedroom 2 Bathroom 2 Car park 0
住宅物業介紹 Residential Introduction:
NO: 016360-18910/2020-02-12 01:15:06 瀏覽次數: 1166 (Visited)

市場罕有坪洲獨立屋, 2層 三面單邊 景觀開揚(每層一房一廳一厠所一廚房, 屋外有餘地


複式內置梯上落1/F及天台, 3分鐘到碼頭, 可用面積731尺(未計天台可用面積)

The two-storey (one room, one living room, one toilet and one kitchen each Floor).

Newly renovated, it can be divided into two floors for rent (G/F and 1/F are separated by door)

3 minutes to the pier, available sale area 731 feet (not including the available area of the roof)

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